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When do they open back up?

April 10, 2019

Are they open for the summer now? What days are you open?

They are only closed on Tuesdays.

What day do they open up for business ?

Memorial Day weekend

Are they open every day

Except Mondays and Tuesdays

Do they have gift certificates?

No, cash only

Is Belew's open Easter Sunday?

Not sure. When we drove by we saw a note on the window, however not sure what it said. According to their web page they open at 11. They did say this Sunday may effect the hours, however no indication that they would not open.

Do they take debit cards or cash only


When do you open for the season

In a few days, from what someone said the sign on their window sais April 10.

Why does this ad say open Friday, after driving several miles, I find the sign in front, says open the 10th.? What's up with that?

Not sure what paper said. Just like many other places in this area, many open during summer or have different hours. I have found best just to call their numbers or someone that lives in the area. I have noticed usually DQ in Murray & Belews open about two weeks apart. i am sure they regret your situations. Like Dena said obviously a mistake was made.

What is the last day you are open this fall?

They ate closed but will be open for the Aurora Festival 19, 20, & 21 October from 11-8 pm

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